неделя, 13 септември 2015 г.

Black Moon French

The last nails for now are in black.

I used Bluesky gel polish 518 and made the moon french in this style.
Added a silver crystal on the index nails.

White cats & Vintage style

Super cute nails, don`t you think? :)

Gel polish over natural nails. I used Bluesky "Pink My Valentinefor the pink nails and Bluesky 501 for the white ones.

The cute cats are hand- painted by me and placed on the nails with the Transfer technique.

I added the flower waterdecals, the dots and the hand- painted lace around the moon french and that`s it! What do you think?

Nude color nails + Indigo Mermaid Effect & gold nail

Here are my nails now ->

I used Bluesky gel polish CS27 for a base nude color. Over it but not on the whole nail, I applied Indigo Mermaid effect.

On the index nails I painted the elements first with gel paint and then covered the whole nail with gold pigment.

Back to school nail art

Theese are nails in school mood, perfect for the upcoming shcool day.

Gel polish on natural nails.
The polishes used for this mani are:
Bluesky gel polish 501, 504, 534, 555, A115, CS27, QXG386.
And the liner gel polishes used are Bluesky gel polish stripping pen GP02, GP05, GP06, GP07 and GP10.
Wow! Lot`s of painting work we had here :)

Two designs on short nails

Firs one is with black and white french ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 501 and 518 for this mani.

The second one is with Bluesky gel polish 504 and 536 over it.
On the index nails I painted flowers with acrylic paints.