вторник, 21 юли 2015 г.

Neon pink and one stroke flowers

I used Bluesky gel polish N27 for the pink nails.
Then on two nails by hand I painted one stroke flowers in pink.

Stamping plate and polish from Born Pretty Store


Have you missed me?
I`m here with lots of pics and beautiful nails to show you.

As I prommised you the last time, in this post you`ll see my new silouette stamping plate and a stamping polish from

Scetch Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP-L021 12.5 x 6.5cm

This stamping plate is full of beautiful and catching moments.

You can find it low- priced now for only $3,99 instead of $5,99.

Next is the stamping polish in pink ->

15ml Green Chocolate Nail Art Stamping Polish Newly Nail Varnish Stamp

Again low- priced now for $5,48 instead of $8,43 and you can choose from five colours available- pink, chocolate, purple, green, dark green.

Here you are the -10% discount code you can use for any non- discounted item in Born Pretty Store- RADIG10.

неделя, 12 юли 2015 г.

Kissing kids and Chanel nail jewel

Another natural nails with gel polish.

I used Bluesky gel polish A55 for the light nails and Bluesky 518 for the black ones.

The kissing kids are stamped using Born Pretty BPL-021 (you`ll see it in the next post).
Over the black on the index nails I sticked shiny Chanel logo nail jewel.

Blue french & palm trees

The thumb and small finger nails are polished with Bluesky gel polish N32. Same blue polish I used for the french plus Bluesky 504 for a base.

On the index nails I made diagonal gradient between Bluesky N32 and N34. Then painted the palm trees and the birds using black acrylic paint.
Placed some silver rhinestones and that`s it! :)

July morning on nails :)

One mani inspired by a sunrise of July morning ->

The photo was taken from the girl who wanted her nails done like that. :)
Beautiful picture and I think the nails turned out very good.

I used Bluesky gel polish 521 for the red nails. On the index nails I made gradient between the red and black (Bluesky 518). Then using acrylic paints I painted the sun and the bird.
What do you think?